A patient-centric approach transforming physiotherapy care
Client Context.

YourPhyiso aims at building a chain of model physiotherapy clinics. Using process driven procedures, they aim to cater to a larger number of patients at decreased operational costs, while providing empathy driven quality care.

Project Requirements.

YourPhysio approached me as they wanted to rebrand themselves and create a web presence. They had come up with this idea of model clinics and wanted to launch them under a new identity.

The Process.

YourPhysio has a wonderful team of experienced doctors and business experts. Based on research, data, and trial run on their existing clinic, they had created a complete model of complete patient experience in a clinic. The new system allowed them to treat a much larger number of patients with improved care in the same time span and area, thus reducing the costs. This sounded so brilliant that we almost missed a major flaw. They had worked to treat an increased number of patients but had not worked to bring in an increased number of patients. Their existing footfall was much less than what they were capable of attending to. Without an increase in the number of patients, their model was failing.

Effective Branding
Brand Positioning
Website Design
Web Analytics

To come up with a viable solution, firstly I studied their existing clinic and marketing strategy. Before YourPhysio, the existing clinic had been a locally run business and as such for a long time, they had been using primitive marketing strategies. Only recently had they created a web presence and were working slightly towards building it. But lack of data tracking and analytics made it less useful. For offline marketing, they often conducted various events to create brand awareness but usually ended up with the same set of people visiting those events. Apart from this, there were some hoardings and advertisements. 
To calculate everything's significance, we conducted some patient surveys which yielded highly valuable insights and helped us in coming up with the types of users we wanted.

Target Users and Use Cases.

In the Indian community, most of the patients don't term physiotherapeutic illness as a problem. They consider it a side effect of old age or bad lifestyle and resort to ignorance or home remedies. So it is important that along with brand marketing we also resort to raising physiotherapy awareness. So that more and more people understand and recognize the problems they are facing.


There are working professionals, looking for treatments for their parents or other elderly family members. They prefer online solutions and are looking for information on if the clinic is in a suitable location and if it treats the desired illness.


Since it's a local business, word of mouth publicity works wonders. As such catering to patient experience is also necessary so that they spread positive words amongst their circles.


Most of the patients that come to the clinic are elderly and suffer from several problems. A study into the data of the previous patients shows the average age group of the bulk of the users to be 30-50. Hence the type that is chosen should be clearly legible for users of all age groups. The font should have big and spaced out letters to take into account blurred and cataract vision which is prevalent in elderly users.

Colour Palette.

Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine which aims at treating the root cause of a problem instead of providing premature temporary solutions. It uses mechanical movements and exercise therapy to treat patients. Due to this often the healing is not very immediate but occurs over a period of time, wherein patients are required to do regular exercises. Hence it’s important to build a feeling of patient-doctor trust for successful treatment. And the colour plays a huge role in the patient’s psychology from the moment they enter the clinic till after they leave. It’s important to choose a colour that assists in building that trust factor.

01. Home
02. Features
03. Verticals
04. Career

Branding is another important vertical as it is highly instrumental in developing the overall patient experience and creating an impact on them.


No project is complete without gauging the results. Having completed the website, branding and worked towards some marketing campaigns, we moved ahead to test it out in the real world. The response has so far been very positive and we are building towards a beautiful goal. Design has played a huge role in defining the product and is instrumental in creating a wonderful patient experience.