3. Thesis - Initial Prototypes

#1 First Prototype

The first topic that I found myself interested in was Meme Culture in Social Media. It was interesting how memes have become so popular these days and the way people use them. It is almost like a form of language, they have their own contexts and sarcasm which makes them understandable. Because of this, I wanted to do a fun project involving memes.

As I began investigating memes as a form of language, I came across a question, "How would someone with no understanding of the language of ’sarcasm’ interpret memes?" I know people who often don't have context and so have trouble understanding the meme, but how about going one step further and thinking about someone who neither has context nor understands sarcasm. This gave me an interesting direction to work in.

I started a series of blogs with the topic, Reconstructing History through Memes, where I wrote journal-type entries from the perspective of someone analysis memes as an information source and trying to use them to derive historical information.

Complete blogs can be found at this link.

Next Steps for this project

  • Write more blogs based on memes of trending events

  • Explore this exercise from different graphical, technical, and writing perspectives

#2 Second Prototype

The second topic that I've been interested in is a new form of social media or more specifically the Future of Social interactions. For this topic, I was interested in exploring AR-based social media, about how social interactions would work in a Mixed Reality setting. While doing this my aim was also to experiment and learn more about AR from a design and technical point of view.

I started with the design question of "How would current social interactions play out in a different tech environment like AR?" So I picked up this small scale project of designing a platform in which people could see each other's social posts in an AR environment. The idea was that whenever you point your camera at a person, the system would recognize them and show their post wall.

Next Steps for this prototype:

  • I plan on working on the design of this so that I can create a better UX for the platform

  • Play with and add more interactions like posting on someone else's wall and commenting on a post

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