Attending Github Universe

This year, I was fortunate enough to attend this glorious and one of the biggest tech events in the corporate world. And Github Universe lived up to the hype. Also, I met the Github CEO!

Hosted in the iconic Palace of Fine Arts, the grandeur of the venue well resonated with the event. It was divided into 2 parts – talks by renowned industry experts and stalls and exhibitions of accomplished startups. But the most amazing part that I loved was the wonderful group of people gathered there and the conversations that I had with them. I met a startup named Leia Inc, who was building 3D interfaces that could be viewed without using any eye-wear! They added a thin screen on top of the phone that refracted different colors at different angles, giving the inference of a 3D interface. This, I felt was quite revolutionary. For me, the most or the only annoying part of watching a 3D movie is having to wear a huge eye-wear on top of my glasses, which makes me highly uncomfortable. This is definitely something I’d like to explore in my own projects going ahead.

Apart from this, I also met a lot of amazing teams doing great open source work. Like OpenAQ, who were working to expose air quality data by sourcing information from government websites and third party resources and making it accessible to everyone. And also a completely volunteer-driven open source project, that worked to help survivors of abuse around the world by collecting and maintaining data. It felt great to talk to these people and know that they were doing so much through code.

I attended talks on many topics including the importance of documentation, social coding, productivity in agile teams, etc. The talks made me rethink how I approach creative coding at the university level, and how it’s different from functional coding at the industry level. It’s great to explore different things and create cool stuff for school projects, as it is only me as an individual working. But when it scales to include more team members and stakeholders, a lot of other things come into place. Different startups have made it their business model to facilitate that cooperation and bridge the gap.

The entire visit exposed me to a lot of people who are doing some really wonderful work in different sectors and knowing this motivated me to follow in their footsteps. I brought a lot of inspiration and knowledge home with me, which I’ll continue to use in my own projects.

P.S. – One of the highlights of the trip that I specifically want to mention was a particular refreshment dish served – Overnight soaked Oats with berries and marmalade, which was soooo goood that I ended up eating innumerable servings of it. Though the name of the dish is also the recipe, I’m still struggling to replicate the exact taste, which I’ll never be able to forget. Any tips or suggestions are well appreciated.