Nymble Labs

Building smart cooks for your kitchen

Client Context

Nymble is a product startup building smart domestic kitchen appliances that cook food, tailored to one’s taste. They are looking to assist young families of working professionals to live healthier by cooking fresh food every day without the hassle of spending their precious after-work hours monitoring food in the kitchen.

Project Requirements
  • To create a web presence

  • To spread awareness about their product and answer all queries

  • Do a market survey and understand user needs

The Process

Understanding Users

  • Working professionals who want to spend more time with their families.

  • Health conscious people who want to eat warm and fresh food daily

Understanding requirements and creating a solution

  • Build a responsive website with all the required details about the product

  • Allow users to subscribe and raise any queries or doubts

Prototyping and Testing

My Experience and Learnings

Nymble is a tech product startup. It was a new domain and looked wonderful. They were doing something unique and interesting. It was really nice to work and deliver this.

01. Landing Page

02. Nymble Process

02. Nymble Process

03. Features

04. Careers

05. Style