Error Screens

This was a set of error screens for different error states in an Android App

Project Requirements.

I had to create error state screens for different states. The requirement was to design iconographic illustrations for each state and then design UI screens for that. There were five error states - when the website crashes, when there are no credits in the account, when there are no active deals or discounts, when there is a network error and a default error state.

The Process.

For each state, I brainstormed and came up with some variations. I drew them out on paper and discussed with my teammates. After a lot of iterations of ideation and prototyping, I was able to finalize 5 ideas on which I worked.

1. When the website crashes - Showed a RIP illustration with the text that the page is dead

2. No credits - Showed a broken piggy bank with no money inside

3. No active deals - Instead of showing no active deals, I went for saying that new deals would be coming soon, thus spreading a positive message across customers. This was accompanied by image of planes representing the incoming deals

4. Network error - Showed an Antenna sending but not receiving signal

5. Default error - Showed a 404 illustration