DAILY UI Challenge

The challenge is to create a new UI design everyday until 100 days. This is the set of my first designs #001-#011.

#001 - Sign Up

Design a sign up page, modal, form, app screen, etc.

#002 - Credit Card Checkout

Design a credit card checkout form or page. Don't forget the important elements such as the numbers, dates, security numbers, etc.

#003 - Landing Page (above the fold)

What's the main focus? Is it for a book, an album, a mobile app, a product? Consider important landing page elements (call-to-actions, clarity, etc.)

#004 - Calculator

Design a calculator. Standard, scientific, or specialty calculator for something such as a mortgage? Is it for a phone, a tablet, a web app?

#005 - App Icon

Design an app icon. What best represents the brand or product? Or is it incredibly unique? Does it look great at a distance and does it stand out when put on your home screen alongside other apps?

#006 - User Profile

Design a user profile and be mindful of the most important data, names, imagery, placement, etc. Is it for a serious profile? A social profile?

#007 - Settings

Design settings for something. Is it for security or privacy settings? Game settings? What is it and what's important?

#008 - 404 Page

Design a 404 page. Does it suit the brand's style? Is it user-friendly?

#009 - Music Player

Design a music player. Consider the controls, placements, imagery such as the artist or album cover, etc.

#010 - Social Share

Design a social share button/icon and be mindful of the size, imagery, placement, and purpose for sharing.

#011 - Flash Message (Error/Success)

Design a Flash Message with both the outcome for an error and success. Is it for a sign up form? A download/upload message?