Copyadda is a notebook selling startup providing advertisement space for local businesses and communities.

Client Context.

Copyadda was my very first freelance client as an independent UI/UX Designer. It is a college based startup which sells notebooks to the student community. In their notebooks, they provide advertising space to different local businesses and communities, thus obtaining sponsorship from them. This, in turn, brings down the effective cost of the notebooks allowing them to capture the market.

Project Requirements.

They wanted to primarily create a web presence to pitch to more businesses and investors. They also wanted to collect information about their users so they could use that information to further advertise.

The Process.

I worked independently on it designing a responsive website. Apart from the Copyadda team, I also talked to two shopkeepers who were advertising on the notebooks and three consumers who bought and used the notebooks. This helped me understand the key requirements of each stakeholder.

The students wanted the notebook to be cheap and of good quality

The shopkeepers wanted it to have a good outreach and to know if others were also advertising here

My Experience and Learnings.

As this was my first complete project, I was very excited for this. I learned the basics of responsive design by committing mistakes and correcting them. I was able to put my theoretical knowledge to practical use and complete the project. It was nice to see the positive client reactions and later understand the impact the website had on their business.