Product Designer


Deep Pun Specialist

Once upon a time, long before the solution existed, there was a problem. And a brave designer trying to find the problem. And a chicken trying to cross the road. And a cow.


The problem was nasty. And the innocent users had no idea it even existed. Until the day when it destroyed their experience.


Mobile, UX, Social Media
A social media platform to view, create, collect, and share Memes with different individuals and groups. We aimed to bring people together using memes.
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The designer questioned users and found clues. The problem seemed treacherous. But he wasn't so naive either. Powered by his tools, he tackled it. Meanwhile the cow and chicken got written out of the story.


3+ years of UI/UX and Product Design
With a rich experience of working with startups, including 3 who went of to become multi-million dollar companies, I've always enjoyed designing experiences for real users in the real world.


Parsons School of Design (MFA) + BITS Pilani (B.E.)
As an engineer turned designer, I believe to have got the best of both worlds. The right side of my brain can process, and respond to the language that engineers speak while the left side is all about pushing pixels and crafting experiences.



//including scrollify plugin for scroll and snap functionality //snap sections when scrolling